The Story of Gracemore


The Moorehead legacy continues with Gracemore Farm.

In 1985 Mrs. Grace and Mr. Wilburn Moorehead purchased 126 acres of farm land. They ran a cattle farm on their new acquired 126 acres. They had a dream to build their final estate home. That dream became a reality in 1987 with the completion of the gorgeous magazine worthy home. The Moorehead's owned and operated the local grocery store-  Moorehead's Foodland for 33 years and Mr. Wilburn served in the Chapel Hill Lions Club for 48 years. Mr. Wilburn was also a former board member at First State Bank. 

The Moorehead family were loved by all. Their kindness and their desire to help others was shown in everything they did. Mrs. Grace would often send flowers or bake for individuals in the community. Mr. Wilburn would carry out your groceries at the local grocery store. They believed in the community and supported the community. 

In 2021 the 126 acres + estate home went to auction and the future was uncertain for the farm. The Threet family purchased the estate home and 13.24 acres on that hot July day! The Threet family began a massive 1 year renovation updating the estate home from 1987 to 2021. During the renovation they had the opportunity of getting to know so many individuals whos lives had been touched by the Moorehead family! Many would tell stories of how Mr. Wilburn gave them their first job or how Mrs. Grace would send hand written letters just checking on them. It was a joy hearing all of the stories as it gave the Threet family a small glimpse into the lives of the Moorehead family!

As the renovation was nearing an end a decision was made that the farm should not just be kept private. They wanted to open the gates to allow others to enjoy the beauty. As they worked on coming up with a name they kept coming back to wanting to honor the legacy of Mrs. Grace and Mr. Wilburn and this is where the farm name originated from. They chose Gracemore Farm! 

To carry on the legacy of Mrs. Grace and Mr. Wilburn, Gracemore Farm donates a portion of all revenue right back into the community. Gracemore Farm also donates all floral arrangements from events and weddings to families right in here Chapel Hill who need a smile!  Gracemore Farm is excited to see the impact that will be made because Mrs. Grace and Mr. Wilburn had a dream to build their final estate home! Thank you for supporting our families dream to bring your a beautiful boutique wedding and event venue with overnight lodging!